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Specialized Wildfire Prevention in Island Park

Trimming & Removal

Our team members are knowledgeable about all of the latest and most modern pruning and trimming techniques and practices. You can always count on our arborists to provide you with pruning and trimming work that’s modern, updated and efficient as can be.

Wildfire Evaluaiton

We offer a free evaluation to help you determine the improvements that should be made to your property to reduce the risk of wildfire. We’ll help you understand the fire safety zones for your property.

Wildfire Prevention

We’ll help you prevent wildfires from happening at your home by creating a defensible space between your home and the surrounding trees and brush.


What is Defensible Space?

The Island Park Fire Community website explains the following about how to reduce the risk of wildfire:

Defensible space is the area surrounding a house or other structure where the vegetation and fuels have been modified, thinned, or removed to slow or stop fire from reaching the building(s), giving firefighters a better opportunity to safely and effectively defend the property.

Homes with an effective defensible space are much more likely to survive a fire than those without.

A defensible space should extend at least 30 feet from the structure. It should be “Lean, Clean, and Green”, and vegetation should be thinned to interrupt continuous fuel sources leading to structure(s). Oftentimes defensible space is simply a homeowner’s properly maintained green yard.

Creating Defensible Space

The spacing between grass, shrubs, and trees is crucial to reduce the spread of wildfires. The type, size, and dryness of brush and trees, as well as the slope of the land, determine the spacing needed. For example, property on a slope requires greater spacing between trees and shrubs than level property. Also, property with thick vegetation should have trees spaced farther apart (and limbed higher) than property with sparse vegetation.

The intent behind creating defensible space is to limit (or eliminate) a continuous line or ladder of flammable material leading to structures.

Drastic measures such as clear-cutting vegetation are generally unnecessary. Simply trimming tree limbs(to eliminate ladder fuels), landscaping with fire-resistant plants and vegetation, removing slash and other debris from the premises, and increasing the space between trees will help dramatically reduce the risk of wildfire.

Source: Island Park Fire Community Website

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