There’s nothing better than growing your own fruit. Plucked right from the trees in your yard, homegrown fruit offers full, fresh flavors for a variety of dishes in your home. You want to guarantee that these harvests continue year after year, so you provide and expect the best care for your fruit tree. 

When the time comes for expert pruning services, don’t skimp on these four qualities to ensure you are getting the best professional for your fruit trees. 

Experience Matters

Gardening and lawn maintenance take time, practice, and patience. It’s a learned skill that can take years of trial and error to perfect. Your tree pruner should have the experience and education to combat anything they come across while pruning your tree. Furthermore, you need professionals who can identify the ideal branches for removal and how to protect the integrity of your trees’ structure. 

The experts at Miller Tree Service have been doing just that for more than 16 years. Our qualified and certified arborists have studied and practiced this art for nearly two decades. That’s the kind of dedication you need when it comes to protecting future harvests. 

Be sure to ask any arborist you hire for their credentials and proof of expertise. 

Full Insurance Coverage

No matter how experienced the professionals are, accidents can happen. You want to hire a team that is fully insured to mitigate any disasters that could occur in your yard. Miller Tree Service is fully insured to protect our clients from potential dangers and issues that can occur on any job site. We have been insured for the past 16 years that we have been in business because we value safety above anything else. Arborists should be able to provide proof of insurance before beginning any job. 

Quick Responses

While fruit trees don’t require trimming to continue to produce fruit, an abundance of branches can create more competition within the tree’s system. This could affect the quality of your harvest. The longer you have to wait for an expert, the more time your tree spends in conflict. Wildlife moves at its own pace, so time cannot be wasted. 

You need someone who can thoroughly inspect your trees and offer you a prompt estimate of what needs to happen and how much it will cost. Miller Tree Service guarantees estimates in 1-2 days, so you can have all the information you need to make the best decision for your fruit trees. If an arborist can’t offer that, you may be wasting your time. 

Locally Owned and Operated

What a tree needs varies by location. Drier climate fruit trees use their branches very differently than fruit trees that grow in humid or cooler climates. As such, trust local experts, who raise their families and their very own yards in the same region as your yard. This provides you with the peace of mind that they will treat your yard as if it was their own. By being locally-owned and operated, Miller Tree Service is invested in the quality and protection of Idaho’s natural beauty. That investment means greater service to the trees you love most. 

Prepare for a bountiful harvest this summer and fall by getting your trees professionally pruned and cared for by local certified arborists this spring. Learn more about Miller Tree Service’s offerings and schedule an appointment for a fast and free estimate today! 

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