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Quality Tree Removal Service in St. Anthony/South Eastern Idaho

When you need a top-quality residential arborist St. Anthony, Idaho locals can depend on, Miller Tree Service is always accessible to you. We’re a fully insured company that specializes in tree removal work that’s efficient, thorough and dependable. If you need tree removal St. Anthony residents can trust 100 percent, we’re available to come to your rescue. We can provide you with a skilled and experienced tree surgeon who can take care of any and all of your removal requests confidently and easily.

The Benefits of Working With Miller Tree Service

There are many great things about working with our tree removal company. We’re a locally-run business, first and foremost. That’s why exemplary customer service and customer satisfaction are so important to us. Service that’s professional, in-depth, detail-oriented and thorough means a lot to us. Our arborists always go above and beyond to provide our customers with the strongest work possible.

Convenience is a big deal here at Miller Tree Service. We always offer our customers the convenience of speedy estimates. We provide them with reliable estimates in merely one to two days. If you don’t like waiting around for estimates, you can turn to us with all the ease in the world.

Bidding Made Easy

We provide customers with stress-free and straightforward bidding processes. Once we give you your estimate, you can choose whether or not you want to approve it. If you accept it, you can then sign the contract we offer you. If you’re looking for A+ tree removal assistance in St. Anthony, Miller Tree Service is the answer. Our tree removal work can keep your outdoor property safe, visually appealing and welcoming. Get in contact with our company as soon as possible to request an estimate.

  • Receive a Bid/ Estimate (1-2 days to estimate)
  • Accept Bid and sign contract
  • Receive payment in check or cash upon completion

Our Services (Emergency Service Available)


Tree Removal Services

Miller Trees specializes in tree trimming and tree removal. We have the experience and specialized equipment to handle large and small jobs.

Tree trimming

We have the experience and equipment to handle your tree trimming service needs.

Stump Removal & Grinding

No stump to big for our skilled stump grinding team. Prevent a breeding ground for bugs and a hazard with our easier removal services.

Brush and Debris Cleanup

We offer a free estimate to help you determine the improvements that should be made to your property. We’ll provide a free estimate on the costs of tree trimming, tree removal, tree pruning, shrub shaping, and any other tree service you might need. We offer full tree service.

Why Choose Us?

The Best Team in the Indus-tree

  • Emergency service available
  • Quick Estimates (1-2 days)
  • Competitive Pricing
  • 16 years of experience
  • Hold the Contract for Fall River Electric
  • Locally owned and operated
  • Qualified Arborists
  • Fully Insured
Tree removal shouldn’t have to cost anyone an arm and a leg. We’re a full-service firm that has a reputation for reasonable tree removal prices. Our tree services in general are affordable. If you want to get rid of a tree in your outdoor space without having to spend a fortune, you can trust us fully.

We have a team of highly seasoned arborists on our side here. Tree removal is a significant job. It’s a task that calls for the skills and abilities of an arborist who knows exactly what he’s doing. We’re a company that can provide you with experienced tree surgeons who are more than well-versed in all of the finest, most efficient and most dependable removal techniques out there. We’ve been working in the tree removal world for 16 years and counting. If you’re looking for the finest qualified arborists in the beautiful southeastern Idaho region, you can count on Miller Tree Service completely.

Miller Tree Service is a business that goes the extra mile for customers. We know that tree removal work can often be quite a messy and complex task. That’s why our team members make a point to keep removal sites neat and tidy. They do more than just that as well. They actually strive to provide customers with tree removal sites that are neater than they were initially, incredibly enough. When our arborists are around, you never have to worry about the hassles of time-consuming and frustrating yard cleanup duties. Our tree surgeons take care of all of the tough work for you.

Emergency service, last but not least, is also offered to customers. If you have any concerns that may involve a potentially dangerous tree on your property, simply let us know and we’ll take care of the situation for you as quickly as possible.

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